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Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs and Spas are very numerous in Florida and are often found as part of the “Home for Sale” package.   A professional pool inspector will not only inform the buyer about the pool deficiencies but will often include comforting remarks about how to remedy problems, different options available and recommended materials and services for them to consider.

All parties should keep in mind that the pool industry is generally well trained and produces a wonderful and dependable product, if properly maintained. The care and maintenance of the pool has significant impact on its longevity and safety. The application of new knowledge, safety accessories and proper fencing is important when looking at the overall pool workings.

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This inspection is usually always done doing the Home Inspection, that way we can include the report and the potential owner or the waiting buyer can see an overall picture of what they are purchasing.

The scope of our inspection includes a visual inspection of the pool electrical system, primary circulation system, pool barrier system, the pool interior surface and surrounding deck. We look at all components such as filters, pumps and heaters. We test or operate pool heaters, cleaning systems, control valves, chemical injectors and similar components.

Pool Inspection Services in FloridaLimited visual inspection of a pool interior is a matter of common sense. If the interior looks pitted, cracked, badly stained or otherwise deteriorated, the surface may be near the end of its useful life. We pay close attention to cracks. These may be a source of expensive leaks. We search for stains that look like rust on the bottom of a plaster pool, particularly if they are numerous. Such stains may indicate problems such as improper water chemistry, improper curing of the plaster when it was installed, or rebar that is too close to the surface. The water should appear at the same level on the tile in all parts of the pool. If the water level is not uniform, and particularly if there are displacement cracks in the surrounding pool deck or coping, the pool may have “floated” out of the ground. This can be a serious problem.

The pool deck should gently slope away from the pool in all directions to avoid allowing dirty water to flow into the pool. If the deck abuts the home, there should be a drain channel installed between the foundation and the deck. In most modern pools, these will be slotted plastic.

If there are any potential problems with the pool or it’s accessories our Pool Inspector will put that in the report along with recommendations on what would need to be repaired/replaced and the approximate costs.

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